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Thank you for visiting our Support Page. I assume you are here because you have found personal benefit in So Thank You for your interest in supporting our mission. Please read to understand the various ways that you can participate in help fun the Work of The Moriah Center.

Ways to Participate:

  • One may simply Choose to be a Faith Partner.
  • As a business sponsor , you may wish to buy a full page ad.
  • You may Choose Product recommendations from our various promotions.
  • I will be guest speaker for your group or church

The information contained in the main webisite The Moriah Center  is provided to everyone Free of Charge. We believe that the Word of God is a Free Gift, and Salvation through Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus Chris)t is also a free Gift to everyone who chooses to put their FAITH in our Savior Jesus Christ, believe in HIM and His teachings, and seek to learn of HIM.  Therefore this site and its companion radio show, Millennial Talk Radio are 100% Listener supported.

A couple of things to consider…

We are not a 501C3 nonprofit organization, we will render to Ceasar what is Ceasars and to God what is God’s. We choose this because of some of the confrontational issues discussed may be “politically incorrect”, and we are trying not to be subject to the scrutiny of Ceasar, so to speak.

With that being said, there are a number of ways that you can support our ministry.

How to be a Faith Partner:  First and foremost consider being a FAITH PARTNER. Simply fill out the Form in the upper Right Column of this page.  You may make a one time donation usitng the first Block or use the second and choose a monthly or weekly contribution as you feel led.

Right now we are building our Charter List of Partners. The first 100 faith partners, will be our “Rock” and our foundation to reach out to the highways and byways and continue the Gospel of Christ. As a faith partner you will be supporting the mission of this site and our ministry. As a partner we want to ensure you that your gifts are put to good use. We invite all Face book users  to like our Page.  This will be our Main hub for communication.  We also ask that you use the Sign up Form on the face Book Page to be added to our Email List.  There will NOT be tons of Email coming to you but we want you to be aware of what is going on. Here you can follow stories share ideas with us and if you have questions that you feel is appropriate to to share with others, then we will have that available.

I will also be creating a special notification list and a prayer list to share with our group. Faith Partners will also be invited to our radio show or online seminars on topics of interest. This is in development and you will be notified just as soon as it gets underway. Please note that these shows will be archived for later listening.

As a business sponsor , you may wish to buy a full page ad.  If are a business owner and you feel that our mission and yours are in agreement,  you may wish to support our ministry  by buying not only an ad, but we will give you a Introductory page, and a video for you.  Your business will be given a special post on our Business Sponsor page, as well as a visual display add in rotation in one of our select page locations. You will need to supply your image or logo for your ad.  Please contact us for details.

You may Choose Product recommendations from our various promotions.

Help yourself and others. We as a family, are partnered with a Gold Savings Club. Please understand that GOLD IS NOT OUR GOD. However, it is a means of exchange seen throughout the Bible, gold is mentioned before Eve, and the streets of Heaven are paved with GOLD. So from a personal perspective GOLD is GOD’s way of exchange on this earth, and FIAT CURRENCY is man’s. This Gold Group, is not associated with any faith based initiative, it simply has one objective:To enable us to turn some of our “Fiat Currency” in to 24K pure Gold in as little amounts as one gram at a time. Next We share this concept with others and teach them how to acquire their gold one gram at a time. And Since this works on a referral basis, as we share, we get compensated for our efforts. It is simply word of mouth, much like the disciples spreading the word of our Savior. If you would like more information about this opportunity visit my personal site at Synergy Gold Online. You will need to Login with just a name and email. Yes there is some follow up information you will need, but I want you to feel safe in knowing that I do not SPAM or sell or rent your emails. I know how that works and I do not like it myself. After you have seen the video information, if the information makes sense, or if you have questions please contact me directly. 270 361 1511.
Another Special note about The Gold Savings Plan. If you are an organization, such as a church, we can set up a FREE ACCOUNT, help educate your congregation, on gold, and the surplus derived from the purchase of the gold can go to support any of your Church related expenses, groups, or missionaries. In addition to the videos above please fill out the web form titleD “I would like more information about the GOLD PLAN for my CHURCH.”
This program can also be setup as an after tax employee benefit, and you as the business owner can choose how much to contribute. Best of all if you refer other business you can earn an income to support your business
Affiliate Partnerships. One additional option to help support our ministry is to visit our Affiliate Partners. We have partnered with various other companies, and offer their services through our ministry. This does not mean that these companies endorse our ministry personally or professionally. However, through our affiliate agreement, we can offer their products and services. In today’s web-based economy this is commonplace. So if you find any of these products and services of use to you and your family, if you go through the web-link on our site, our ministry will benefit from a purchase that you make.
One final way is to purchase items through our online store. Here we will be growing our list of items and supplies that will hopefully will benefit you and your family.Nutritional products, Shelf stable foods. Emergency supplies. Books and resources and a custom jewelry line.
I will also be a guest speaker, for any of our Partners. The information contained in this site is available for free. but if you would like me to visit your church or organization I would be happy to discuss setting up a time. I will make every effort to do this at ZERO COST to you. It will just depend on time and travel distance.

A word of caution, much of this material, is not spoken of in our churches today. This is material not always taught through Seminaries. I understand that as a Pastor or Minister, you are in a compromising spot. On the one hand if you begin to open up about these topics, you risk ostracizing your congregation. On the other hand if you do not speak of this you risk NOT feeding your sheep and they remain asleep. Here is my proposal and how I can help.

Let them stone me. I will bring my own rocks. By me bringing up particular insights into scripture, that are not normally taught, I can be “the bad guy” and then under your pastoral-ship, you can then guide them into a deeper understanding of the word. This allows you to keep your position of leadership, and guide them in seeking a deeper knowledge. if this is intriguing to you then call me directly to discuss this further.

Thank you for your time in reading this page. I hope you will Prayerfully consider supporting this ministry. If you have any questions or would like to speak with me personally. Please use the information on our contact Page.

Be Blessed in all you do for Our Lord and Savior Yeshua Ha Mashiach ( Jesus Christ)

Thank You

Kevin Wilson

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